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I love using my 25+ years experience as an Excel guru to help anyone that is struggling to get Excel to work for them.

I do this by taking on your spreadsheets and correcting bad formulas, adding graphs/dashboards for insight or creating a file from scratch so you can get important information from your data.

Or I can do bespoke training by using your own data and training up you or your team to get Excel working for you.

If you’re looking for help, you’re in the right place

Virtual Analyst

build, test, deploy


faster, better & simplified


everyday basics & formulas

Shadow skills

a specialised skill sets ninja-for-hire possesses
Complex Formulas
Graphs & Dashboards
Power Query
VBA Macros

Virtual Analyst

I will become your excel virtual spreadsheet analyst.

For an hourly fee, I can take on your daily/weekly or monthly reporting. Plus any adhoc spreadsheets/data requests.


Single or multiple projects, one-off or regular support

Any spreadsheets that you currently have that are not behaving themselves or fancying up with dashboards or report tabs. These will be corrected to your specification. Fix or add macros to automate your sheets.


Training designed to your requirements

I can create training specifically for you & your team so that you can feel confident in using Excel in your business & giving you the insights that your business needs

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Kaigi o tehai shimashou

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When to use =sumif()

There are a couple of ways to add up your dataThe obvious one is =sum()The other is adding up individual cells, handy if there are

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