20 years Corporate Analyst to Excel Ninja

In 1996 I joined a well-known, but no longer existing, toy retailer at their head office

This started my journey to be the Excel Ninja

I was a trainee for the first 9 months doing data analysis in lotus 123 spreadsheets and sql programming off the A/S400 system

After 9 months, I was promoted to supervisor, so I must be doing something right

The company also swapped to MS Office at this time, so I had to learn Excel very quickly

The data analysis team also had to get good enough in office to train about 200 members of staff, so they could also do their work in this amazing package

After another couple of years, I was promoted twice more until I was manager of the team

When you & your team are responsible for 100s of data reports going out – either daily, weekly or monthly – or ad-hoc, then you get ‘bloody’ good at Excel as the main data analysis tool

After 9 years at this company, I moved on

Spent a year temping & learning a lot more about other industries

Next, I moved to another toy company. This time for a well know toy manufacturer

This role was again doing analysis for 7/8 hours a day, 5 days a week

I was asked many times how to be good at Excel & my reply was, do my job for a week

Finally, after 10 years at this company, I retired from corporate life & set up my own company working from home (WFH)

Little did I know that I was trend setting 3.5 years before most of us had to WFH

I am now The Excel Ninja & if I can’t do something in Excel, then it shouldn’t be in Excel

Anyone out there want a chat about Excel & your spreadsheet woes, book a free 121 appt with my calendly on this great website


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