EXCELent Tips and Tricks – Free PDF

Whilst working at my last corporate role, I sometimes needed to get off my bum & talk to people

This sometimes meant waiting for colleagues to finish their phone calls etc before we could chat

In that time, I got to study others using Excel & came to the conclusion that there are a lot of people that do not know how Excel can work for them

They were using it ok, but doing things the long way round, as no-one had showed them the “quick ways”

These were things I picked up over time to get my work in Excel completed quicker, efficient & more accurate

So, I started sending out a ‘Daily Excel Tip’ email to the whole office that had a quick tip that can save time & annoyance

This sometimes caused people to almost fall off their chairs in shock once they read the email, applied the tip & were astonished that Excel could do this

The daily tips were saved, put together in a word doc & then eventually it became a pdf book that I now have available for people to download – for free

I love to pass on my tips to everyone so feel free to download


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Excel Tips

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