The Top 3 Things Need to Know to be an Excel Ninja

Pivot Table, Lookups & De-duplicating Data

  1. Pivot Table

This is an amazing tool that summarises data into any format you need

Whether you just need a total by a category or data by month

This will select your data & use wizard to put it in a table for ease of reading or insights

The next great thing from pivots is you can slice it & graph from it

Also, when the raw data gets refreshed, just refresh the pivot table & everything will flow through

  • Lookups

This is a function (formula) that matches data across different tables

You can just use =lookup() or use more specific vertical lookup =vlookup()

There is also a horizontal lookup = hlookup() but this is rarely used & a bit finicky

In 365 there is now =xlookup which combines all of the above & uses the logic of =sumif()

  • De-duplicating Data

Sometimes we work with data that has duplicated data in it

There is a lovely menu option Data -> Remove Duplicates

All you need is to have one cell selected in the data & Excel will do its magic very quickly

At the end you get a message box explaining how many rows were removed

This will only remove exact duplicates

If you can conquer these then you will be amazing


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